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Keep Your Blonde Locks Bright for Some Pre-Spring Shine

Let’s face it: The winter months can be pretty dull. Overcast skies, early sunsets, and drizzly weather can make for a less-than-sunny disposition while you wait for spring. That said, a cloudy sky is no excuse for letting your hair lose its luster. Give your calendar a second glance—spring isn’t too far away. Get ready by making sure your hair shines like the sun in the meantime with these tips to keep your blonde locks bright.

Turn Down the Heat

It’s cold outside, so this one might not sound so fun, but cooler water is better for your hair’s health than hot water. Cooler water not only helps control frizz, but you’ll also see your color last longer. If you turn down the heat when it comes time to wash and rinse, your hair will thank you!

Be Selective with Your Shampoo Choice

We all know there are products out there for chemically treated hair, and using them is key for maintaining salon-quality color. But blonde tresses need a little extra special treatment if you want to extend the life of your highlights. Using a purple shampoo will help bring out the bright, silvery tones of your blonde while minimizing those dreaded brassy, gold tones. Look for a toning shampoo that’ll lighten and brighten in less time and keep those shades shining through several washes.

Make Moisture Your Best Friend

Winter weather is notorious for drying out your tresses, and that can be especially true for highlighted hair. Adding a conditioner to your regular routine is critical to keeping your hair healthy and damage-free. If you opt for a purple conditioner like UNITE Hair’s BLONDA™ Daily Conditioner, you’ll get a high-performing product that both moisturizes your hair and keeps those bright tones light and shiny. For a little extra moisture boost, consider using a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

Ditch the Darker Oils

The oils that benefit brunettes aren’t necessarily going to work best for blondes too. If you’re rocking light shades, you’ll want to stick to clear argan oils. This will ensure you get that high-gloss shine you’re craving while keeping brass at bay. As an added bonus, you can use a blonde-friendly argan oil on damp hair as a heat-protective blow-dry prep and on dry hair to help control frizz.

Sport a Stylish Hat

Not every winter day is cloudy. While you want your hair to shine like a star, exposing it to excess sunlight can up the likelihood of brassy, orange tones. Make the most of headwear trends and protect your tresses while you’re out and about during the day. Caps and berets are in this winter, so pick your favorite and pop it on before you head outside.

Rocking beautifully bright blonde hair doesn’t have to be time-consuming or overly expensive to maintain. Using purple shampoo and conditioner, the right heat-protecting tools, and tugging on your favorite beanie are easy ways to keep your blonde tresses shining brighter for longer. Winter isn’t over yet, after all, so put a little spring in your step—and your hair—while you wait for the sun to come out.

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