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5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair This Winter

Everyone wants incredible hair regardless of their style, color, or texture. But the most important thing is: Is it healthy? If your hair is experiencing the winter doldrums, consider making a few tweaks to get your hair to spring back to life. Here are a few practical ways to get your hair healthy and back to its former glory this season.
Upgrade Your Hair Tools

If you’ve had the same hairdryer since your early college days, or if it looks like a relic, it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. Dry your hair like a boss with an ionic tourmaline pro tool hairdryer because it reduces drying time. And less drying time means less damage to your hair. Hairdryer technology has come along way.

While you’re taking stock of your tools, be sure to examine your hairbrush. For styling, a high-quality round brush with wild boar bristles helps prevent breakage and frizz, and adds polish and shine to your hair.

Choose Styling and Finishing Products Wisely

Heat styling tools like hair dryers and curling irons can dry out and damage hair, so be sure your styling and finishing products have ingredients that strengthen hair and provide thermal and UV protection. Your hair texturizer should not only create weightless volume and add texturizing grittiness but also protect your hair from environmental damage as well. Every product and ingredient you use on your hair should be beneficial, not detrimental, to the overall health of your hair.

Apply Hair Oil

An awesome argan oil treatment for hair may be your secret weapon. Here’s a quick list of things an excellent argan oil can do:

· Protect your hair from blow-drying, curling, and flat ironing.

· Reduce drying time.

· Help control frizz.

· Repair and seal the hair cuticle.

· Create a soft shine without buildup.

Argan oil can be used on wet or dry hair. If you have blonde hair, look for a specially-formulated oil made just for you. UNITE Hair recently released a new formula just for blondes, called BLONDA™ Oil.

Do a Cleanse and Condition Reboot

If your hair and scalp are tired and worn out from the long winter, try a new, ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner formulated to deliver strength-building proteins and extracts from roots to ends. After your cleansing and conditioning reboot, follow up with your favorite styling products such as volumizing spray, especially if you have fine hair.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Want healthy-looking hair? It sounds simple, but one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy is by eating a balanced diet. Nutrients that are essential for hair growth include protein, iron, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, to name a few. Fish, such as salmon, are an excellent source of these nutrients. Other beneficial foods include vegetables such as dark leafy greens, and milk or Greek yogurt for the vitamin D. Your hair gets its natural sheen from a healthy diet! Also, make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water every single day.

About UNITE Hair

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