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4 Ways to Avoid the Brassy Blonde Look

The fresh platinum blonde pixie look Ciara is rocking in her new music video “Set” is edgy—and it’s also a wig. But it still needed to be toned and brightened by César DeLeön Ramirêz, a celebrity hairstylist, as to not look brassy. Ramirêz did this by using UNITE Hair’s BLONDA™ Fix. He also sprayed the wig with their 7SECONDS™ Leave-in Detangler periodically throughout the shoot to keep it looking perfectly tousled and wet.


For all the platinum blondes out there (wig or not), you can stave off brassy, orange tones between salon visits to keep your blonde bright and beautiful. Just ask Hailey and Justin Bieber, who share the same color-safe shampoo by UNITE Hair. Here are a few tips to keep it blonde, not brassy.

Don’t Always Wash Your Hair Every Day

It’s not always great to wash your hair every day, regardless of whether it’s color treated. Hair can become dried out and prone to breakage if it’s washed too frequently or with subpar products. You are especially vulnerable with color-treated hair. Learn to embrace a dry shampoo instead between washes if you’re feeling like your hair is a bit too oily. A high-quality dry shampoo can help extend the life of your color, so spray some dry shampoo liberally on roots to extend any style and color. Also, when you do wash your hair in the shower, use cold water to help preserve your color longer.

Find the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Back to the Biebers, they use the BLONDA™ Daily Shampoo, designed to protect hair and keep blonde tones bright on “no-tone” days. This type of shampoo for blonde hair does not strip color or dull highlights. There’s also a BLONDA™ Daily Conditioner to accompany the shampoo. It can be used on both tone and no-tone days to protect and moisturize your hair without weighing it down with heavy residues. Style as usual. To create texture and volume, use a styling product such as a hair texturizer finishing spray with UV and thermal protection.

Use a Toning Shampoo

To maintain freshly-dyed blonde hair, you’ll want to use a toning shampoo to keep hair looking bright and fresh. A gentle toning shampoo will remove dark yellow or orange tones that appear over time. A toning shampoo is used to cool those unwanted brassy tones, but is used less often than your daily blonde shampoo. If you don’t use a toning shampoo, you’ll start to notice a difference in the tone of your hair and will likely experience brassiness.

Deep Condition to Repair, Tone, and Seal

Once or twice a week, use a reparative ultra-violet treatment for stressed, overworked, and brassy blonde hair. Comb the product into freshly washed hair for about 5 or 10 minutes before rinsing it out. The best products will provide extreme heat protection, reduce damaging friction from combing, and condition and hydrate hair, leaving it silky and shiny. Style as desired with your favorite volumizing spray or whatever product you want to work its magic on your hair.

About UNITE Hair

UNITE Hair is a global leader in professional hair care, and their 40-plus products are some of the most sought-after by salons and their clients. What makes UNITE Hair stand out? The superior performance of their user-friendly, versatile products. They can be layered and are buildable, including their award-winning styling product BOOSTA™ Volumizing Spray. UNITE Hair has products for all types of hair—fine, frizzy, thick, curly, and dry. Their products are often preferred by celebrities and stylists alike.

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