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4 Tips to Help Get Your Hair Ready for Spring

Every season has its own set of hair challenges. If cold wind and hot hair dryers weren’t too kind to your hair over the winter, you can look forward to warmer days ahead. Now is a great time to take a look at what you may need to phase out and determine if you need to bring in anything new to your hair care routine to embrace healthy hair this spring. Here are four tips to start the season with healthy, vibrant hair.

Do You Need a Trim or a Cut?


Getting regular trims is recommended to keep hair healthy. If it’s been a few months since your last haircut, it’s definitely time to go to your stylist for a spring trim. Say goodbye to winter split ends, flyaways, and frizz. (Your hair can get pretty brittle and dry from harsh winter weather.) Or, if you’ve been craving a new look like a shorter haircut, spring may be a good time to start fresh with a new hairstyle, especially if it’s been more than a few months since your last trim.

Apply a Hair Mask

For intensive moisture, long-lasting shine, and manageability, consider trying a hair mask to restore dry hair and damaged follicles. A mask is especially suitable for hair that is over-processed and dry, and the best products will even be safe for extensions. Look for a high-quality hair mask with ingredients like shea butter to provide moisture and shine, as well as amino acids and hydrolyzed keratin, both of which are proteins that strengthen and repair hair. The very best hair masks will work to restore your hair’s elasticity and contain amber extract to rebuild hair and combat aging.

After you wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo, apply a moisturizing mask, massaging evenly throughout wet hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly before following with a leave-in detangler and your favorite styling product, such as weightless volumizing spray, on towel-dried hair.

Give Air Drying a Try

It makes sense in the winter to blow your hair dry because you don’t want to step outside with wet hair or even go to bed with damp hair. But applying heat pulls out moisture, which can cause hair strands to become damaged. Give your hair a break from the blow dryer and try gently towel drying it instead.

You don’t have to forgo your normal hairstyle by air drying, though it might be a good time to test out a wavy, casual look. Either way, if it’s important that your hair stays full of volume and in place throughout the day, don’t forget to use a volume and hair texturizer spray once your hair has completely dried. If you can’t give up blow drying your hair either a couple of times a week or at all, just be sure to use proper heat styling products to help keep it protected.

Cleanse with Clarifying Shampoo

There’s a good chance that your hair and scalp could benefit from a clarifying shampoo after a winter of dry air, chilly temps, and other environmental elements. Choose a non-stripping, gentle cleanser that deep cleans without removing your hair’s natural oils. An excellent clarifying shampoo will strengthen and condition your locks without build-up. Use it once a week to help moisturize hair and maintain its pH balance.

Springtime is the perfect opportunity to give your hair a fresh start in preparation for a fun summer ahead. Are you ready to dial in your hair care regimen for a head full of healthy hair?

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