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6 Tips to Add Staying Power to Your Waves and Curls

There’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of time on your hair only to have it go flat as soon as you leave the house. We’ve all been there. The mane looks fantastic and beautiful one minute, and it’s lifeless the next.


Because of this dilemma, the never-ending quest for great hair and perfect products shall continue for women worldwide. Luckily, there are ways to make sure your waves or curls look fabulous and last all day and night (and even into the next day). Here are six simple tips for achieving long-lasting waves and curls:

Cleanse and Condition

Most ladies know this, but you don’t need to go overboard with copious amounts of shampoo and conditioner to get clean hair. Plus, over-conditioning your hair can make it limp and overly soft, making it more difficult to hold a curl. Look for cleansing and conditioning formulas that will protect your hair from UV rays, thermal damage, and color fading. The best products will also offer lasting shine in a weightless, moisture-rich formula.

Prep Wet Hair

After you’ve towel dried your clean hair, be sure to add a volumizing spray while your hair is still slightly damp. A great volumizing product gives your hair memory once it’s dry, meaning your hairstyle will keep its shape for longer. A product like BOOSTA™ Volumizing Spray from UNITE Hair will increase your hair’s volume and texture without leaving a heavy residue that would weigh your hair down. Seek out a volumizing spray that has a formula enriched with healthy amino acids to both protect and strengthen hair.

Do a Rough Dry

If you use a blow dryer, try doing a rough dry on your hair, which means you’d get your hair about 80% dry before you start sectioning it off, styling it with a round brush, or curling it. Make sure the dryer is on a low speed at medium heat. You don’t want your hair getting whipped around too much because it can cause split ends and tangles. You also don’t have to get every inch of hair dry and brushed smooth. If you can, avoid smoothing out your hair because it will keep its natural texture intact and hold a curl better.

Invest in a Quality Curling Iron

You don’t have to buy the most expensive curling iron on the market, but keep in mind that a high-quality curling iron will last longer, create longer-lasting curls, and won’t damage your hair. With a little practice and the right curling iron, you’ll be the master of beachy waves or tight curls.

Use Product Before Curling

Before wrapping a strand of hair around the curling iron, consider applying a thermal protection product. A quality volumizing spray that offers enhanced weightless volume when used with heat is also a good product to utilize. Just make sure your curls are completely cooled before you comb them out or further style your hair.

Finish Off Your Look

A dry finishing hair texturizer will give your hair more texture and volume. Look for a texturizing spray that works well with soft or fine hair without weighing it down. The best products will create lightweight volume that will build the more you use the spray.

By following these tips, plus investing in quality styling and finishing products like volumizing spray and hair texturizer, you are sure to master a look with staying power.

About UNITE Hair

Based in Southern California, UNITE Hair is a professional hair care brand that cares for hairstylists and their clients. Hairstylist Andrew Dale created UNITE Hair 15 years ago with the intention of surrounding himself with a team who share his vision to create, elevate, and educate. UNITE Hair’s high-performing products and award-winning formulas can be found in high-profile salons around the world. They’re also behind the scenes of Los Angeles, New York, and London Fashion Weeks. UNITE Hair is the preferred choice of celebrity stylists, beauty influencers, and top session artists. UNITE Hair’s headquarters is home to its corporate offices, pro academy campus, product warehouse, and distribution center with over 60,000square feet of working space.

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